It all goes back to the birds and the bees. Fish too. And ants. Even slime-molds. It goes to all creatures that amplify their group intelligence by forming flocks, schools, shoals, colonies, herds, and swarms. Across countless species, nature show us that social creatures, when working together as a unified system, can outperform the vast majority of individual members when solving problems and making decisions, thereby boosting their overall survival. Scientists call this “Swarm Intelligence” and it proves the old adage – many minds are better than one.

This begs the question – “Can humans swarm?  Certainly we didn’t evolve the ability to form a Swarm Intelligence, for we lack the subtle connections that other species use to establish tight feedback-loops among members.  Ants use chemical traces. Fish detect vibrations in the water around them. Bees use high speed gestures. Birds detect motions propagating through the flock. Whatever method is used for establishing connectivity, the resulting natural systems are so tightly knit, the group behaves as what scientists call a “super-organism” able to think as one. And by doing so, these social creatures are able to make optimized decisions, together, on life or death matters, boosting overall survival.

But what about us humans? If we could form a Swarm Intelligence would we be better able to solve problems better than we could alone?  Would we be able to make better decisions and predictions and estimations and judgments?  Research shows, the answer is yes.  In fact, human swarms have been shown to beat the experts when predicting sporting events, financial trends, even the Oscar winners.

This is why we built UNUa fun social platform for swarming.  UNU allows anyone to login and contribute their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and insights to a swarm intelligence.  Inside of UNU, groups forms swarms to explore topics of all kinds, from sports predictions to caption contests.  That’s right, caption contests – as a swarm, groups come up with very funny things!

How does it work?  Swarming is Mother Nature’s way of amplifying the intelligence in groups. That said, we humans didn’t evolve the natural ability to form swarms.  That’s where Unanimous A.I. comes in, the company behind UNU.  We invented technologies that fill in the missing pieces to form the critical real-time connections.  By doing this, people can think together in swarms, allowing people to achieve the same types of intelligence amplification that other species have attained.

Where is UNU headed?  If we consider the leap in intelligence between an individual ant and a full ant colony working as one, we can expect a similar boost as we go from single individual humans to an elevated ‘super-mind’ that emerges from a large-scale swarm.  Will that require a hundred people thinking together?  A thousand?  A million?  We don’t yet know yet, but UNU is the first step in allowing people to pool their knowledge and insights into an elevated intelligence.  Plus, it’s really fun…

Why is UNU important?  In the world of A.I. research, billions are being spent by labs trying to replace human intelligence with something purely digital.  While we appreciate the goal of creating a super-intelligence, this scares us.  A purely artificial intelligence will have no reason to share our goals and sensibilities or our morals and values.  So we asked the question – is there another way to build a super-intelligence that is inherently human.  The answer is yes – by creating an Artificial Swarm Intelligence™.  We believe this is a safer path to building something smarter than ourselves, for it ensures the resulting intelligence will shares our goals and aspirations, our emotions and empathy, and most importantly our morals and values.  Simply put, Unanimous A.I. is building UNU to keep humans in the loop…

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